I am an incorrigible optimist. I believe in the best in people, and every day, I encourage my clients to see for themselves the untapped potential that I so clearly sense within them. I am passionate about and have lots of experience helping my clients to that place in life, they long to find, both in their careers and in their private life.

HR has always been my field of work. I love getting people to work together and perform, and to create structures around that cooperation. Since 1997, I have worked within HR in global organizations and as an independent consultant for both small and large corporations. As an HR manager, I have worked with the broad HR palette from recruitment and leadership development to contract handling, HR processes and advisory.

I have a Masters in International Business Communication, speak Danish, English & French fluently and have had lots of training within HR, personal development and management.

As a person, I have a hands-on approach to counselling. I advise from the heart and communicate directly in a motivating way. Moreover, I use my intuition as a tool in my work and in my private life.

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